Thursday, March 31, 2011

England cricket ace’s optimistic spin on mental health

The England cricketer flew home from the World Cup after keeping his illness a clandestine from most of his team-mates. Being open about this condition, Yardy, 30, has offered support to millions of people who may be suffering in silence. In the UK, one in four of us will be affected at some point during our lifetime - but we're not alone. Celebrities counting George Michael, Uma Thurman, Dame Kelly Holmes and Dancing On Ice star Denise Welch have all spoken out about their Mental illness.

Mark Davies, from the Mental health charity Rethink, said: "In being honest and open about their problems celebrities show great bravery and also give heart to millions of people who suffer in silence because of the fear of stigma and favoritism. "Now it's Michael Yardy. But many others in the public eye - such as Stephen Fry and Alastair Campbell - have done the same thing. "What they show is that mental illness is like any other illness. It can affect anyone regardless of who they are or what they do. Attitudes ARE changing as a result of their bravery." Mark added that it is wrong to think of the condition as not being able to handle stress.

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